You must have seen many posts on social media. But living in North Carolina US Facebook post after seeing Matt Stone is difficult to believe him. Matt claims that within 4 years he became the father of 100 children. 37-year-old IT worker from Matt profession. What is the truth of their claims ….

There is nothing like being surprised. Indeed, Matt Stone are donated sperm last 4 years. They also do not take money from people in exchange for this service. They say they just want to fulfill the dreams of those who can not have children because of a problem. Matt about it on your Facebook profile is put systematically add. Adding that about 10 people every day to contact them.
Shipping Donner himself says
Matt his Facebook page in the name of the donor has made shipping. Among the couples single women to contact their service sites. Matt himself single father of 2 children.

Some clients ask questions before donating sperm
Matt before donating sperm to the front out of the background. Relation between income from the couples is the discus. Matt confirms that children are born into good families.

Do not take the money
Facebook page before Matt used to work in the bank and donate sperm. He says there are people in charge of money. Join now, because they give people their services. Matt is the father of 70 children, but officially they claim that just because some people did not contact him after services, so the figure could be 100. At present, about 20 women are pregnant with their sperm.