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What could be the mother of a child is 5 years old, or 70 years old may lead to twins? These things are difficult to believe at first, but you’ll be surprise that such cases have come to light so far. The world of today we are going to tell about some unique mothers whose pregnancy was surprised by the news. The world’s youngest mother …

Lina Medina of Peru, the World’s Youngest Mother Tikrapo dwelling called. Lina Medina was born September 27, 1933. Lena was just five years old when his stomach began to grow in size, which his parents were concerned. So Lena pisco they took him to the doctor in a city hospital. Lena’s stomach before seeing the doctors had deemed the tumor. But Lena’s 7-month check-up after the doctors confirmed the news to be pregnant.
A month later, he was brought to hospital, gave birth to a son. Since Lena’s body was weak because his doctors underwent cesarean delivery. In this case doctors Lena’s father was arrested. But finding evidence of some kind of investigation the police left the father. Being so young, pregnant Lena still remains an enigma for the doctors.