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Rik Lee of Germany are the beautiful girl on the bike ride. He is very fond of biking. Lee while riding on the bike has traveled to 37 countries so far. Lee got off the bike wandering from my father’s hobby. His father had seen many parts of the world on a bike and riding. Not just to hang out, are also fond of this work …
It was just walking alone in measuring the world by bike and is fond of exciting trips. Dress-up and writer by profession and also specializes in Snwarane. Lee is currently in India where he has to turn to Nepal. Earlier, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and has traveled to many countries such as Tanzania.
Lee says that he was always fond of seeing the world. So, like his father, he decided in 2015 that the bike should be taken in different parts of the world. Lee says that during the visits to different people could meet. Wherever he went, made many friends during this time. Lee, who traveled to countries where rituals, tried to adopt the local culture. Lee plans to travel the world by 2017. The US, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, while Germany is scheduled to return.