These days, many girls around the world through surgery to look at Barbie-like doll. But today we are going to show photos of the girl, so you would have never seen. Barbie to win the girl’s beautiful face, but its body is like the Hulk. Can anyone mind around eating …
These are strange, wonderful girl, a resident of Russia Yulia Viktorovna aka Julia Vince Vince. Borbi identically doll that looks like Julia is 20 years of age. Innocent face on the back of strong body build Pavarliftr Julia says she never my intention was not to be, I just used my strength and confidence to enhance workouts. But now I am become Pavarliftr Professional. Like the Hulk body of anyone they can unseeded
Has taken part in several powerlifting events
By Julia in September 2014 attended his first powerlifting competition. He then participated in several events. Julia for this body gives credit to his trainer. She says that with the help of his trainer found in the game are moving.
Criticisms suffer
Julia explained that he adopted them for that profession which often gets to hear criticism, but it does not bother them. Many of his fans who have supported them during this.