When it comes to Donald Trump, there’s not a lot of love for the US presidential hopeful in British Columbia.

A new poll suggests an overwhelming majority of us think a Trump White House would be bad for Canada, but we still want our politicians to at least seem neutral about it.

“Sixty-two per cent of Canadians would like to see elected politicians essentially remain silent,” says Mario Canseco with Insights West.

The survey found most Canadians share the though “It’s the US, it’s their election, and we should stay out of their democratic process” and avoid any public statements about Trump

However, 76 per cent of Canadians think if he is elected it would be bad for Canada, and anti-Trump sentiment is highest here in BC.

“The more the campaign in the US progresses, the more we see Canadians feeling a little bit uneasy about the fact he could become the head of state in the US,” explains Canseco.

“If the trend continues, we’re going to see 90 per cent of BC residents saying that they don’t want to see Trump in the White House.”

Half of Canadians think a President Hillary Clinton would be good for Canada, though that’s trending downward.