So far we Suna- China and the US have read about peculiar law. These two countries as well as a country where the laws are too weird. Here we ally of Russia in India are going to tell about the unusual laws. You will read about them on the forehead wrinkle. Here is the entry of Barack Obama Banned …
Chechen President Barack Obama is also named in the list who can not enter the Republic. Other names on the list, too. The president of Russia’s Chechnya has posted the list on his Instagram account.
Refuse to wear lacy panties
Production in Russia can neither equipped nor of Bali panties it can import and sales. This law, which was a lot of opposition. The Government believes that synthetic Febrik is not good for health.
Anti-Gay Law
Russian anti-gay legislation is implemented. Gay community in Russia are not accepted. To pass this law was criticized by many countries of Russia. Russian law says that he keep minors off of non-traditional sexual relations, it has enacted. Not only in Russia but also to talk about the children will be punished.
Dirt car can not run
Russia car running dirt can be fined more than Rs 2,000. This law is strictly followed in Moscow.
Bloggers can not abuse
The blog bloggers abuse or are not allowed to use rude language. As well as film, theater and culture events can also do not use profanity.