Bigg Boss as a show is a money spinner for all the contestants and the producers. There is no doubt about that. Being the mother of all Indian reality shows, Bigg Boss has definitely carved a niche for itself in the TV arena. With sky-rocketing TRPs, thanks to the constant dose of drama, fights and everything in between, the bosses at Colors and Endemol Shine India (producers of the show) rake in huge moolah. Even Salman Khan charges a bomb to host the show. Reportedly, the superstar was charging nearly Rs 7-8 crores per episode last season. So do the contestants.

It is a known fact that the housemates of Bigg Boss are given a weekly fee. They are divided into three categories namely top level, mid-level and bottom level. Although we don’t know the details about about the weekly remunerations of the contestants this year, we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal to you that Bani J and Rahul Dev are the highest paid contestants of Bigg Boss 10.

Our source reveals, “Bani and Rahul are being paid the highest amount of money this year. They have been approached by the makers since last few seasons considering the two of them are known to have a personality which will boost the TRPs, but every time they refused the offer. So when the producers went knocking at their doors yet again with a huge sum of money this year, the offer was too tempting for both of them to let go.”

Last year, it was Rimi Sen, who was being paid huge loads of money. However, she turned out to be nothing but a yawnfest thereby disappointing the makers and viewers in equal measure. We just hope it’s not the same with Bani and Rahul this year. The producers are definitely counting on these two to make the tenth edition of Bigg Boss entertaining and we are too.