In a shocking turn of events, television actress (Balika Vadhu fame) Pratyusha Banerjee allegedly committed suicide on 1st April 2016 as she hung herself at her apartment in Kandivali. She was rushed to Kokilaben Hospital, where she was declared ‘dead on arrival’.

“Rahul Raj Singh was drinking after the incident and used to torture Pratyusha Banerjee”- Lina Dias (common friend of Pratyusha and Rahul)

-Rahul Raj Singh has arrived outside the hospital where the postmortem is to take place.

-TV actress Pooja Banerjee has claimed that Rahul Raj was eating chips outside the hospital when Pratyusha was declared dead.

-Rahul Raj has finally come forward and given his first statement. He confirms that he was the one who brought Pratyusha to the hospital.

-Pratyusha’s family has arrived at the hospital and the doctors will begin the postmortem after her family identifies the body.

-According to sources, Rahul Raj was planning to sue Pratyusha and her family for 4 crore rupees. He was also consulting a lawyer for the same.

-Reportedly Pratyusha was high on drugs and alcohol.

-Certain TV stars are stating that Rahul Raj Singh was cheating Pratyusha by dating another actress Saloni Sharma.

Police and the hospital confirmed that the actress committed suicide at 12:45 pm. She hung herself from the ceiling fan in her apartment.

According to Lina Dias, Rahul was a divorcee. She said, “Rahul was a divorce. Yesterday after the whole incident, Rahul was seen drinking at the backroad of Lokhandwala. Rahul and Saloni Sharma used to torture Pratyusha who wanted to settle, marry and have children but Rahul was not interested in marrying her.

Rahul Raj Singh recorded his first statement earlier today after he went missing in the night. He said, “We used to stay in a 2 bedroom flat and had two keys; one key was with Pratyusha and the other was with me. When I entered the bedroom, I found Pratyusha hanging to the ceiling I got very scared. Immediately, I called the neighbours and with their help I took her to Kokilaben hospital.”

“We assumed that she was alive but she wasn’t. I got so scared that I did not inform the police. It was the hospital authorities who informed them. After the doctor’s declaration, I called up Pratyusha’s family members and a few of our close friends,” he said

Family members at Jamshedpur.

“I had spoken to Pratyusha yesterday night (31st March), she said, she had some work pressure and she wanted to visit Jamshedpur soon,” said Tinshuk Banerjee (Pratyusha’s uncle)

Priya (Pratyusha’s childhood friend) said, “I have studied with Pratyusha for 7-8 years. She was full of confidence; I can not believe she has done such a thing.”

Her cousin Hrishita said, “She was my sister. When I reached home, I saw my parents watching tv and crying. I don’t believe that my sister has committed suicide. ”

Jharna Banerjee (Grandmother) spoke to us and said, “Last night, we spoke till 11.30 pm. I asked her about her marriage plans to which she replied saying, “pahle kuch kama le, fir shaadi ka sochenge”. Till yesterday, she was happy; how can I believe that she is no more.”

Jhorjori Banerjee (Uncle) said, “We can never believe that Pratyusha is no more with us. She was a strong girl. She had visited Jamshedpur on 31st January for the family function. There was no sign of depression on her face; she was very happy. It is shocking for everyone.”

We tried reaching Pratyusha’s parents but there were not in a condition to speak.

If sources are to be believed, Rahul Singh invited trouble for himself as he had allegedly flicked the handset and went missing. According to sources, he was allegedly involved in another relationship with a girl called Saloni.

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