How hard can a first date be? It is actually harder than it sounds. Not many people end up having a splendid first date experience, worst is when you have no idea of what went wrong but you don’t want to seem desperate and end up kicking yourself up.

The dating rules have certainly changed with the digital age, but some traditional dating dos and don’ts should be still applied. That said, here are the 15 dating mistakes that every person should avoid committing on their first date.

 No time to explore
Pick a place that you are familiar with, don’t go about exploring a fancy place with fancy menu in order to impress. If you happened to mispronounce a dish on the menu, it’ll be an oops moment! Or worst, you have no idea about what goes into your dish. Don’t get too adventurous.

 Don’t act like a stalker, play it cool
It is quite obvious that you might have stalked each other’s social media pages to get more information, but face value, keep your act together, try being interested and listen when he/she is telling their stories and don’t just nod like, “I know, I have seen your pictures.”

 Keep talking about work, they’ll disappear
If you are a working professional, it is advisable that you don’t keep talking about your work to an extent that your date has to excuse himself/herself for a washroom break. Also, don’t mention about that nosey Susan from your work place, for your date doesn’t care about it.

 Don’t make the washroom your safety blanket
You have got nervous jitters, we get it! But spending anymore than a minute in the washroom and you might as well be ‘Bye Felicia!’ Even you ladies, if you want to run into the washroom to checkup on your face every now and then, date a mirror.

For the love of dogs and cats, put that phone away!
What is more important than paying attention to the person sitting right across to you at that moment? It is quite rude of people to keep checking on their phones and be blatantly ignorant of other person’s presence. Unless you have a very genuine reason, that behaviour is a definite No-No!

 Girls! Stop with your pet stories asininity
Having a pet always makes wonderful stories, but you might want to stir away from being called a crazy cat lady, because he is there for you and not to find a date for his pet. So, keep your pet stories for maybe the fourth date?

 Don’t be cheap, be a gentleman
Gentleman rules – always offer to pay the bill on your first date. Don’t even think about pulling the age old trick of ducking for washroom just when the bill is about to arrive. Get the tab, guys, even Theo James agrees to that.

Honesty is (still) the best policy
Not enjoying your time out with your date? Tell them. Don’t lead them on if there is no second date, no one is getting anything out of being dishonest, and you never know when you’ll have an awkward run-in into him or her. Don’t stretch the date.

 Don’t go all the way, keep it in your pants
Trying to score on your first date is never a good idea. Unless, both the parties have different kinds of arrangement(s) and never planning on seeing each other again, that is all on you and your date. But if you think there is chance for a second date, holding out on your date is advisable.

 Don’t come out as too strong
Remember you are on a date and not a battle ground. If there is however a difference of opinion, stir the conversation on a lighter subject, where you both don’t have to carry on with ‘Let’s agree to disagree’ motion.

 Up and Ante, don’t do it!
It is not a competition, just two people on a date. If your date is telling you about their last trip to London or Cannes, you don’t have to be, “Been there, done that.” Just nod and go along with it.

 Feminists! Hold your ground
Don’t be an advocate; you have the right to enjoy finer things in life. It is not always about struggle. If at the end of the date, he offers to pay the bill, just know that he is NOT at all patronizing you.