Do your eyes feel itchy and irritable? This could be because of dry eyes. Experts say that constantly staring at your computer or phone screen is one of the major reasons for dry eyes. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your eyes..
l Use eye drops. After consulting a doctor, you can buy artificial tears or lubricating gels that will get some moisture in l If you wear contact lenses, then avoid wearing them for too long. Make sure you clean them regularly.
l Too much air moment might also cause your eyes to feel itchy. If you are riding a two-wheeler, make sure you wear glasses to avoid the dust. Avoid using a hair dryer which can also make your eyes dry.
l Wash your face from time to time. Keep your eyes wet.
l Take frequent breaks from your work. Consciously make an effort to avoid looking at the screen. Switch off your phone for a few minutes.l Take a towel, soak it in warm water and place it on your eyes. This will be relaxing.
l Also, avoid drinking and smoking which will dehydrate your body.
l Have fruits and vegetables that will cool your body.