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At the beach in Florida for a woman was attacked by the shark. A woman came out of the water, but the shark’s tooth was buried by his hand was sticking. After this surgery the woman had to go to hospital. How did the event …
23-year-old girl is reported, but the identity has not been disclosed. Photos of shark attacks at the hands of women is viral on the social site. Shark was about 2 feet long. The event is between Boca Raton Florida. Shark attack, lifeguards and fire-rescue team also had to call later. It is said that after coming out of the water, the sharks were killed, but her teeth were embedded in the woman’s hand, so he was sticking.
However, the woman said a person at the scene and his companions did Provok shark, shark then cut the woman. According to National Geographic, nurse shark species harassment by humans on the attack on the people for their own safety.