As votes were counted on Thursday for state elections, the BJP had much to celebrate at a time its government at the Centre completes its second anniversary.

The BJP is set to take Assam from the Congress and win seats for the first time in West Bengal and Kerala, making inroads in states where it has never been a player to reckon with.

“Across India, people are placing their faith in BJP and see it as the party that can usher in all-round and inclusive development,” tweeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reflecting the party’s euphoria after defeats in Bihar and Delhi last year, which raised questions on whether it had lost its steam after its 2014 national election victory.

PM Modi also tweeted about Kerala.
The election results come at a time political parties are prepping for the mammoth polls next year in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand.

“The unmatched efforts and sacrifice of party workers in Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu has established a strong party base in these states,” said BJP president Amit Shah.

The BJP’s performance, especially in Bengal, comes as sweet vindication for Mr Shah, whose leadership had come under scrutiny after recent poll setbacks.

Mr Shah began his spadework in Bengal a year ago, addressing a string of rallies where he targeted Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool.

The victory in Assam indicates a wider endorsement of the BJP’s campaign against illegal immigration from Bangladesh for many years.