Assam Governor P.B. Acharya has undertaken the initiative to strengthen and reform the education system of the state.Recently, he visited Jorhat district and discussed key issues in the education sector with government officials, NGOs and public leaders aimed at bringing about a reform in the state’s education sector.

The Governor has asked the Jorhat district administration to pay surprise visits to government schools to ensure efficiency among the teaching staff.

“The strength of the chain lies in the weakest link and in our education sector the weakest link is the government schools. So, how to strengthen it? In government schools, poorest of the poor people are coming and they have to be strengthened then only the society will strengthen,” said Acharya.

“There is no need to strengthen the rich. We just have to strengthen the poor that’s why even the government schemes such as BPL are to strengthen the poor,” he added.

The Governor also talked about taking strict action against some private institutions for commercialisation of education.Expressing concern over the poor condition of government schools in the state, the Governor directed the officials to improve the quality of education imparted in these institutions.

“We should be strengthening and supplementing the government education so that the poorest of the poor are benefitted because those children, who are attending the government schools are the poorest of the poor,” said Jorhat Deputy Commissioner A. Karoti.

“So, it is our responsibility, the society’s responsibility and officers’ responsibility to strengthen the government schools so that students are benefitted,” he added.

Emphasizing the role education plays in forming a healthy society, the Governor called for larger measures to improve the quality of education in the state.