She’s always been the proud owner of a gorgeous figure.

But Ashley James has been working hard on improving it, getting leaner and firmer with the helping hand of bodybuilder James Crossley, otherwise known as Hunter from Gladiators.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 28, went from what she called ‘skinny fat’ to super fit and toned after adding plenty of lean muscle and dropping body fat, and made sure to show off her transformation in a stunning photoshoot.
And, clearly over the moon with her new appearance, Ashley gushed: ‘I am absolutely thrilled with the results.
‘I have seen such a huge transformation in my body, I feel so energised, toned and healthy, I am in the best shape I have ever been in!’
Explaining her reasons for wanting to indulge in such a drastic method to improve her body and fitness, she said: ‘I wanted to train with James initially because I was a huge fan of the Gladiators TV programme and the prospect of training with a real Gladiator was just too cool to turn down!’
‘It was also a great opportunity for me to learn from a real expert and try new methods and regimes to help improve my fitness and appearance,’ she added, before touching on the subject of the body dysmorphia, something she battles with.
‘Working with James was a chance for me to help change my mentality on how I perceive my body and the relationship I have with food.
‘I have worked with trainers in the past but James’ methods such as measuring my body fat percentage and parts of my body to show a difference really helped prove it worked.’
The transformation saw Ashley shed 3.5% of her body fat while packing on 2kg of muscle during the six-week regime, giving her a more streamlined, healthy physique, and one she couldn’t wait to show off in a range of scant gym gear.