A local court issued arrest warrants on Thursday for Pakistani model Ayyan Ali in relation to the Customs Inspector Ijaz Chaudhry’s murder case. The local court magistrate Ghulam Latif while issuing the arrest warrants, ordered that Ayyan Ali should be arrested within 10 days and presented before the court.

In May, Waris Shah Police had nominated super model Ayyan Ali,who is allegedly involved in the money laundering case, a major suspect in the murder case of the main witness Custom Inspector Ijaz.

Saima Ijaz, the widow of the deceased customs inspector and the main plaintiff in his murder case, had earlier accused the model of being involved in her husband’s murder.

She had also submitted her statement in the murder case earlier. She had said in her statement that her deceased husband was under severe mental pressure before he was killed by unknown assailants on June 2, 2015.

Quoting her husband’s statement she had said that her husband had been threatened of dire consequences for not cooperating in the investigation case of super model Ayyan Ali.

In November 2015, a court in Rawalpindi had finally indicted model Ayyan Ali in the currency smuggling case, over eight months after her initial arrest from the airport with an undeclared half-a-million dollars in cash.

Ayyan Ali was arrested from Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport on March 14 with USD 500,000 and was accused of attempting to illegally take this amount outside the country.