Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to make its debut later this year and CEO Tim Cook had said that the new handset would compel users to buy the new handset. While this statement by the Apple boss sounds gallant, recent rumours regarding the 2017 version of the device will definitely catch the attention of numerous Apple fans.According to a MacRumours report, Apple blogger John Gruber recently shared some amusing details regarding the 2017 version of the iPhone (iPhone 8), pointing out that the handset may receive some ‘radical’ design tweaks.

In his latest podcast, Gruber pointed out that he had heard a rumour regarding the 2017 iPhone, suggesting that the handset will include edge-to-edge display, with no top or bottom bezels.While that itself is hard to digest, he also said that the device will come along with an ‘embedded’ Touch ID, a front-facing camera, and hidden sensors. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, that’s not all; earlier rumours indicated that the company will also use a flexible OLED display in the 2017 version of the device. The company had earlier signed a deal with Samsung to manufacture OLED displays for them.Although nothing concrete is on cards, he is sure that the iPhone 2017 will come with drastic design changes.

“I think next year’s phone, the 2017 model, the one that will come out in September of 2017. What I have heard—now this is not really from the rumor mill but just scuttlebutt that I’ve heard—is that it will be an all-new form factor,” said Gruber in the podcast.“I’ve heard this independently and it is completely getting rid of the chin and forehead of the phone. The entire face will be the display. And the Touch ID sensor will be somehow embedded in the display. The front-facing camera will somehow be embedded in the display. The speaker, everything. All the sensors will somehow be behind the display,” he added.

Previously rumours had also indicated that the 2017 model iPhone will have a 5.8-inch display, but the extra 0.3-inch indicates that the company are planning to wrap around the edges of a 5.5-inch device. However, it is still not clear how the company plans to do the same for the top and bottom parts of the device.Well, it is sure that the company is planning something major with its 2017 iPhone but what is not clear is the name of the device; rumours also suggested that Apple might skip the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus and directly call it the iPhone 8, or maybe a completely different name.