Apple shipped only 0.8 million iPhones in India in Q2 2016, reveals a new report by Strategy Analytics. Apple contributed only 2.58 per cent of total smartphones shipments in India in Q2 2016.According to Strategy Analytics, the smartphone shipments in India grew 19 per cent annually to reach 31 million units during second quarter of 2016. Android maintained its dominance in the Indian smartphone market with a record 97 per cent OS marketshare. With strong smartphone shipments in Q2 2016, India is currently the third largest smartphone market behind China and US.Android is still the preferred choice of mobile operating system in India. Android OEMs collectively shipped 29.8 million smartphones in Q2 2016, giving it a OS market share of 97 per cent. “Android dominates the India smartphone market and looks unbeatable right now, due to its deep portfolio of hardware partners, extensive distribution channels, and a wide range of low-cost apps like Gmail,” said Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics.While Android is growing exponentially in the Indian market, Apple’s iOS took a beating with an annual decline of 35 per cent. Apple’s smartphone marketshare in India has halved from 4 per cent to just 2 per cent in India in the past year. “Apple iOS will need to reduce iPhone pricing to cheaper levels, attract more operator subsidies and enlarge its retail presence through Apple stores or online channels if it wants to regrow significantly in the future,” said Woody Oh, Director at Strategy Analytics.While Apple is not expected to ship huge number of iOS devices in India, the recent quarter number is less than what Apple did the same quarter last year. In Q2 2015, Apple shipped 1.2 million iOS devices in India.During Q2 investors call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced company’s plan to bring retail stores to India but ruled out plans of local manufacturing. Apple has already discussed for the waiver of 30 per cent local sourcing norms for its retails stores in India.