Soon after the launch of the Apple iPhone SE in the US (alongside the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro) we also got to know about its price for the 16GB model in India, which is Rs 39,000. While that may sound a bit too steep for an iPhone that looks a bit outdated, we now also have the official price of the 64GB variant, which is a ridiculous Rs 49,000.

The price tags for the 16GB and 64GB models were made official via Apple’s official website. Somehow the company’s most exciting iPhone (for a variety of reasons) seems to have gotten mixed reviews so far. Key to those mixed reviews is the odd combination of pricing and current generation hardware that is packaged into an iPhone design that is about 3 years old.

While it borrows its chipset, primary camera and storage from Apple’s current flagship, the smartphone’s externals look indeed a bit too old with the body of an iPhone 5.

And while Apple’s official prices for the iPhone 6S are still pretty high, online retailers are selling the same for a much lower price. E-commerce websites have listed the iPhone 6S (16GB) for as low as Rs 43,699 with the 64GB version selling for Rs 55,499 and the 128GB priced at Rs 60,599.

Indeed it would make little sense to go in for an iPhone that looks a bit dated and even comes with a premium price tag. But, for those who have been waiting for a smaller 4-inch iPhone all this while, it still seems like a good deal as it only lacks the updated front-facing camera and 6s’ 3D Touch display; features that many may be ready to compromise on.