Apple iPhone 7 launch is just few weeks away and we are getting more details of the device. Earlier rumours confirmed what the device would look like including various colour options.While previous rumours revealed the exterior of the device, we finally have details on what’s inside the next generation iPhone. Apple iPhone 7 is reportedly powered by new A10 chip.Apple A10 chip benchmark reveals its as powerful as A9X chipset inside iPad Pro (Source: Techtastic) Apple A10 chip benchmark reveals its as powerful as A9X chipset inside iPad Pro (Source: Techtastic)The chipset has been benchmarked on Geekbench which confirms it to be as powerful as Apple’s A9X chipset. Apple had announced iPad Pro back in November with A9X, which was arguably the most powerful chipset ever packed into a mobile device.With iPhone 7, Apple could dethrone Qualcomm and Exynos of the smartphone world. According to Geekbench score first spotted by Techtastic, Apple’s A9 scores 3000 on single-core benchmark, just 10 points shy of A9X.For those wondering how fast A10 chip is in comparison to existing A9 chip? Apple A9 scores just 2519 on Geekbench single-core benchmark test.Apple CEO Tim Cook has already made bold claims that iPhone 7 will make everyone want to upgrade to the new device and speed could well be the reason for that upgrade.In another Weibo leak, a user has uploaded a short clip of what looks like the final casing of next iPhone. The video shows redesigned antenna layout, a huge camera bump to protect the lens and yes, no headphone jack.Early this week, we saw Weibo posts showcasing Apple’s redesigned lightning connected earpods. After LeEco and Motorola, Apple could be the biggest force to discard 3.5mm headphone jack.While the rumours keep piling up, we are mostly likely to see the final product in the second week of September where Apple executives will pretend to unveil something we haven’t already seen before.