API Sanjay Mali of Santacruz police, who, along with four associates cheated a builder to the tune of Rs 3 crore, under the pretext of exchanging his demonetised notes, has been suspended. Media had reported about his involvement in ‘Cop, associates booked for duping builder of R3 cr,’ yesterday.
“The Police Commissioner decided to suspend him till the inquiry is on,” said Mumbai police spokesperson DCP Ashok Dudhe. Sources claim, “API Mali planned the heist and instructed Raju Sawant. Sawant was told to go with the builder, Sanjay Naik, who wanted to convert his Rs 3 cr black money into white.” When they were about to reach ICICI bank at Santacruz, Sawant, whose friend was also with them, told Naik they couldn’t go ahead because there may be a police check on. When they started walking away, as per the plan, suddenly API Mali came and stopped them. The sources said, Sawant’s friend then ran away scared. Seeing the police, Naik stopped in his tracks. After API Mali spoke to Sawant they left the spot together.
The sources said, “The builder, scared that his money was confiscated, waited for a while, sure that police would call him. But when he didn’t get a call, he approached Santacruz police station asking about the money, but there was no record of the police check.” “We have recovered Rs 1.25 crore from Sawant’s house. API Mali has not been arrested as of now,” said DCP Dudhe. Three other people have been arrested in this case.