Anushka Sharma and Shah RukhKhan will be paired for the third time in Imtiaz Ali’s The Ring. In fact, the filmmaker has already completed the first leg of the film. We met Anushka at her house recently and when we asked her more about her character in the movie, she silenced us saying, “I literally cannot tell you anything because it’s so early. It’s like a year early! My next schedule begins in November and that will be the second part of the film.” That’s all she revealed about the romantic drama. But ask her about her co-star and she can go on and on…

Here’s Anushka Sharma telling us how her relationship with her first and most favourite co-star has changed over the years. Over three films, no less! Here goes…

‘It’s way easier now’

I am more comfortable and more at ease with him for sure. During my first film, I could not even talk to him. I was that nervous during Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Today, I can sit and have a conversation with him about everything in my life, problems included.

‘He can laugh at himself’

The thing with Shah Rukh is that he’s somebody who is so much fun to be around. He can make you laugh so much. He’s funny and is one actor who has the ability to laugh at himself. He would constantly crack jokes about himself and I think that’s an amazing quality that he has.

‘He has so many stories to tell’

He’s got so much knowledge about everything and has so many stories to tell. I am very inquisitive by nature. So I just want to get to know everything. When I am with him, he tells me stories about life, his experiences, his philosophies. I have a great time chatting with him. Imtiaz loves philosophy, so the three of us — philosophers — had a great time making the film together. There’s so much to learn from Shah Rukh, especially about set etiquette. People just adore him on the sets.

‘Secretly competing with me’

I don’t play FIFA. But we would always be playing Pokémon Go. We’d compete. And guess what, he’d win! I made the mistake of putting up an Instagram post where he said, ‘I am not even catching a Pidgey’. And I had said, ‘Some of us are having great luck’. I was on Level 14 or 15 then. He was on 9, probably. He actually took it upon himself as a challenge. So when he met me next, he very casually asked me, ‘So which level are you on?’ I said, ‘Level 21. You?’ He said, ‘23!’ He was secretly competing with me and I didn’t even know we were competing.”