‘Anti-terror operation underway in Brussels after bomb alert’


Following the arrest of a man early today suspected of carrying explosives, an anti-terrorism operation is underway in Brussels.

Belgium is still recovering from the wounds, after the suicide bombings at Brussels airport and on the city’s metro on March 22, which killed 32 people and wounded hundreds more.

The anti-terrorism operation comes days after Belgian authorities charged three men with ‘attempted terrorist murder’ after reports surfaced threat to fans during a Euro 2016 football game, reports Telegraph.

Earlier today, Belgian police detained a man possibly carrying explosives near a central Brussels shopping centre early.

Following the arrest, the area around the City2 shopping centre, was sealed off.

“A man was arrested at 5.30 this morning, possibly in possession of explosives. The bomb disposal team of the army is verifying whether this is the case,” Telegraph quoted a spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor as saying.

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