Canberra (Australia): World record humans often have noticed. To make the animal world record but also makes the news. Or the first time in the world’s most bizarre happens, his name is recorded in the Book of World Records. Records of these strange animals for their size or are given. telling you something similar about the animals who made the world record. The sheep has made the record …
Near Australia’s capital Canberra was a sheep … a person could not walk properly. The sheep wool coat around her body was 40 kg. When a person named Tammy saw the sheep, it was understood that the long wool of the sheep’s body is not lowered. Chris put the sheep named Tammy. When the weight of the wool of sheep that have been previously recorded (29 kg) was more than 40 kilos, leaving the chase and create a new record.
The long horns of the bull in Texas

A bull in Texas Greenleaf Guinness Book of World records. The bull’s horns have evaluated the longest in the world. Texas bull who is the Sedlackek. The bull’s horns with both measuring 8 inches in length is 9 meters. Said the 5th and sixth generation of the breed were the biggest horns.
This is the world’s tallest cow

Blossom the cow’s name is included in the Guinness Book of World Records. To give more milk but for the tall. The length of the cow is 6 feet 4 inches. The cow is dead.
This is the world’s longest dog ears

Of Colorado in Boulder is an 8 year old dog named Harbor. Now the dog’s name has been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. The dog’s left ear is 12.25 inches, 13.5 inches, while the right. The funny thing is that the length of both ears Harbor is more than the world’s smallest person. The world’s smallest 23.5-inch stature of man.
The dog skate board driving the world’s longest human chain across

The English bulldog named Otto name is included in the 2015 Guinness World Records. The dog skate board longest human chain drive is made to exceed the world record. 3 years, 30 people made the dog crossed the line. For this, all 30 people made their way to straddle tunnel running underneath Otto skate board made the record.
This is the world’s fastest turtle

Normally a slow moving turtles are seen as creatures. But North Carolina is the turtle’s name written in the Guinness Book. Please tell the name of the tortoise rather slow for the world’s fastest turtle have been recorded. This turtle 0.6 miles / h could run. 100-meter race to finish it takes 6 minutes.
World’s longest pet snake

The 7.67-meter snake but not a cannibalistic snakes Full Moon Productions, a pet snake that is being nurtured by humans. Medusa’s name Python is 8 years old and weigh more than 158 kg. Eat it in the rabbit, pig and deer are served. The food is given once in two weeks. Hounted House (where the python kept) where one of the employees told the wild dragon is angry python Medusa is absolutely calm and gracious.
The world’s smallest cow

I saw this cow heifer understand if you are then you are wrong. Manikyam named the cow’s age is 6 years and even today it looks like a heifer. Is recorded in the Guinness Book of Manikyam. It is the world’s smallest cow with a total length of 61.5 cm. N V Balakrishnan Kerala Atuli living with all the little Bchiyaon Manikyam also reared but could not be greater than two feet Manikyam ever. Please tell the world’s smallest cow of this stature is less than a Labrador dog breed.