In the world many strange people whose hobbies and habits are surprising. Now look, the way most men are fond of guns, but there are a few women in the world who has a gun with him day and night. Seeing them is identified as the gun itself. These women want-go anywhere, these and some may not be, but there are gun shown in Hakfoto gun culture …
The importance of gun culture in the US has always been. Keeping this in mind, a photographic series by photographer Shelley Kelton prepared. The various poses with the gun he had women. Shelley in his photo series showed that women anywhere, doing anything, they are definitely gun. Shelley said he had felt when photography with Confidence with women hold the gun. That there are so few of these exercises are constantly running gun.
What’s gun culture
Due to open in the US gun culture in many states there’s easier to buy weapons, shoot them walking fill valid. Whereby people can go for their safety with the gun anywhere. But the recent gun culture in the US Open is being sought rein, because this has exposed several incidents of firing openly. It also has been responsible for many deaths. These photos of women with guns on social networking sites were quite viral.