Courtney Alexis Stodden (born August 29, 1994) is an American reality show contestant. In 2011, then 16-year-old Stodden received widespread media attention after marrying then 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison.Courtney Alexis Stodden was born on August 29, 1994, in Tacoma, Washington, to Alex John Stodden and Krista Kay Keller Stodden. She is the youngest of three girls. Stodden describes her childhood as “beautiful and fun”, stating that she was “extremely spoiled, in a good way”.

Stodden says that she dropped out of high school because she was bullied over “the way she looks”,and continued her education by being home schooled through an online private Christian academy.[4][5]Stodden began in the entertainment industry by competing in a beauty pageant, the Miss Teen Washington USA pageant in 2010. She then ventured into modeling. As of 2011, her measurements are listed as 36-23-35, and she is 5 feet, 4 inches (162 cm) in height.Stodden’s mother, Krista Keller, initially served as her manager but Keller quit in the spring of 2015, citing “creative differences”.Stodden is currently managed by Hutchison.[8Stodden is a vegetarian, having chosen the diet because she “never felt right eating animals before”, and because of lactose intolerance, as she explained in a Couples Therapy bonus clip. She later clarified, when responding to this information in her Wikipedia article in a June 2014 video on The Wow Report that she is not lactose intolerant, and that her empathy with animals was her sole reason for her dietary beliefs.She began the diet a month prior to filming “Playing By The Rules”, an October 2012 episode of Couples Therapy’s second season.Stodden has attempted to follow a vegan diet, but chose instead to follow a vegetarian diet due to fewer food restrictions.She has promoted the vegetarian lifestyle on PETA’s June 2013, Stodden had breast augmentation surgery to increase her breast size from a size C to a size DD. She has recently released information that she is pregnant.