Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel had the biggest dream launch, any girl can think of, in the industry. The girl entered Bollywood in 2000 under a big banner, opposite a good-looking star son with a film that broke all box office records and fetched her all the awards. What followed soon were few more super hits, after which Ameesha started to fade away. The actress was soon out of race, in Bollywood. Currently she is seen at various page 3 events. She also tried hands at production and her first venture ‘Desi Magic’, as a producer, which is still under production.

Besides films and acting, what has always kept Ameesha in news are her controversial image. The lady has been captured at awkward situations quite a few times, making her a hot topic of discussion on social media and web. Be it her druken avatar or wardrobe malfunctions or topless magazine covers, Ameesha has always made the news for all the reasons that raised many eyebrows.
So as the actress turns 40 today, let’s take a look at all those times when Ameesha hit the headlines, not will her films but with her controversial clicks. Enjoy!