Lovely Profasnl University’s School of Fashion Design Graduation Show 2016 today in its annual mega fashion show organized Ansebl. General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Indian Army’s Western Command Lieutenant. General. J. Singh PVSM, AVSM launched the show. LP UK collection of 9 150 students only 30 models displayed designs. These designs MSc and BSc final semester more than 50 students of the Fashion Design program was designed by designers. Lakme Fashion Week show, choreographed by renowned choreographer and Pranav Hamal FDCI member James Ferreira, Anuj Lalwani, niket Mishra, seven top designers including Farah Sanjana assess the students’ work. Grand fashion show by students of LPU has extensive exposure to entrepreneurship.

Addressing students Nachle. General. J. Singh, the students greeted the presentation of a spectacular show. Common views, he said, play an important role in everyone’s life’vstr us. Even in the military garments from the fashion world, because there is much to do, ranging from khaki green dress, black Pgdiyhan, Madls, Ribn etc., which play an important role in a military decorate their receipts, bravery and patriotism reflect. Mother Teresa’s simple white sari with a blue border always sympathetic characters is displayed. I join with such creative students deemed himself from feeling and I want to do work with them on some fashion Projakts. Whenever I go into a place like hospital patients there comes sadness strange seeing the costumes. The special clothes that can dress a fashion world in which patients have awakened a strong desire to be healthy. On this occasion, Lieutenant. General Jay. s. Cheema was the Guest of Honour.

Fashion Design School students Rudrakshi, Honey, produced by worship and Aditi Collection E Mortal Expression Design Collection of the Best Award. • Examination of the composer Sandeep Paradai Bird Collection, Baby, Prmpreet and Durga Collection of the Most Creative Award. Ashish, Kanchan, lotus and by Nirmala Disapshn Collection Art Award, while the Best fabric Divalpmant Mridul, Praveen, Vanisha, Suman and Sukdeep the Best Pattern and Construction Award by the Tengram.

Earlier, the Indian Army and graduated from the distinguished guests are going to be parents of pupils outperform LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal welcomed shared – we see our students take pride in innovation and design approach are multiple. In fact, the students are taught everything they need for a career in the fashion world. LPU students get practical knowledge and design garments according to industry emerge as Profasnl. Tommy Dilfigr top fashion industry, Madam, our students’ placement with Madura Fashion and others are proof enough of that.