Fenugreek or methi can be traced not only in every Indian kitchen but in ancient healing recipes too. Often used as a spice in several curries and for therapeutic treatments, fenugreek seeds are not only a staple in Asian households but in some European countries too. From acting as an active aid in digestion to protecting heart, these magical seeds can bestow you with health benefits. If you have aversion to consuming powdered methi for its highly-bitter taste opt for the strained tea version.

Health benefits of fenugreek tea are sure to leave you awe-inspired wanting you to start the ritual from tomorrow itself. Rich in protein, copper, calcium, iron Vitamin A, C, thiamin acid and mucilagenous fiber, the seeds contain glycoside steroidal saponins, coumarin compounds, amino acids and high levels of polyphenolic flavonoids! Thus, fenugreek tea benefits overall health owing to its complex composition, anti-oxidant components and soluble-fibre content. Let us discover health benefits if methi tea for giving our morning chai a miss and switching to this organic alternative.

Galactomannan compounds in methi seeds are rich in soluble fibres. This gives our stomach a feeling of fullness thus sending delayed hunger alarms to the brain. Being lower in calories, lower in carbohydrates but rich in polysaccharides assists methi tea in weight loss process.

By mimicking the oestrogen produced naturally, the methi seeds tricks the body with its Diosgenin compound, reliving you of cramps and hot flashes. It also helps ease the mood swings, irritability and discomfort experienced prior to menstruation. Acting as an emmenagogue fenugreek tea benefits in reliving menstrual pain, open constricted blood vessels and allow smooth functioning of female organs

An excellent galactagogue, fenugreek tea benefits the nursing mothers by improving the flow of milk. It also helps in enhancing the amount of amino acids and vitamins in milk being fed by the lactating mother.

Sip one to four cups of freshly brewed methi tea when experiencing mild flu or respiratory infections. Fenugreek tea benefits in nasal congestions and more severe problems like bronchitis for its diuretic, expectorant and anti-oxidant properties. It helps one perspire, dispel toxins and ward off infections keeping influenza, pneumonia, sinusitis and fever at bay!

Using washrooms in office, malls or in college makes women prone to urine infections. Even using tampons or pads for longer duration can result in bladder infections. Wash it away with methi tea! Yes, it is that simple. Acting as a diuretic fenugreek promotes urination frequency and flow, thus washing off all the toxins and infection from the body.

Rich source of soluble and insoluble fibre, the fenugreek seeds also contain polysaccharides. While rich fibre content blocks the absorbption of cholestrol in the body, the polysaccharide compounds lower LDL (bad cholestrol) viscocity in the blodd-stream. Thus, health benefits of methi tea entails a happy heart