Before you actually begin with the workout, please do make a note of the correct technique. It is important for you to know the right steps. Otherwise, you might injure yourself.

Stand straight. Your back should be firm. You should be in an athletic position. Make sure the feet are apart slightly. Keep yourself away from the box but not too far.

When you think you are ready to jump, get down into a quarter squats position very quickly. Now swing those arms and push your feet off the ground and jump on to the box.

Do not make the mistake of landing with a thud. The lighter the landing is, the better it is for you.

Benefits Of Box Jump Workout:

There are a whole lot of benefits that come with the box jump workout. Here are a few you should definitely take a note of.

This move is so explosive and effective that you can expect the thighs and buttocks to be toned within a few weeks time.

It will also improve your fitness level. This is because the move is difficult to nail and something that isn’t very easy for all beginners. So when you are performing this move, make sure you are giving it some time. It will surely improve.

It will build lean muscles and help in the conditioning of the body. If you would like to tone your body, there is no better exercise than the box jump workout.

Your muscle tissues will be activated. This however depends upon how high and explosive you are willing to jump.

It will boost your metabolism and melt fat!You can burn a whole lot of calories and lose weight easily with the help of this workout!

The Rest Period:

  1. Since box jump exercises are difficult to do, it will tax the nervous system at a capacity that is extremely high. The technique also needs to be good. So this is why you need to give yourself some rest.
  2. Every time you finish five sets of 3 reps, please rest for a minute or so. This will prevent your body from getting injured.

  3. Box Jump Burpees:

    This one might look simple but surely is difficult to nail. Every time you do a box jump, you’ll have to do a burpee right before. Do ten reps for a few days and then increase the numbers.

     Side Box Jumps:

    In this, you will have to jump sideways and then back to the box platform.

    Depth Jumping:

    You will have to drop from the lower platform first and then jump upwards to the box.The box jump workout is one of the best when it comes to staying fit without hitting the gym! Start doing it and enjoy its benefits! Have you ever tried box jump workout routine before? How did you feel? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!