Bollywood’s babuji Alok Nathhas said he feels he needs to pass on some ‘sanskaar’ to his son Shivang, who was involved in a drunk driving incident a few days ago.

 On Monday night, Alok Nath’s son Shivang was chased down by cops when he avoided a drunk driving checkpoint. It later emerged that not only was Shivang under the influence of alcohol but he didn’t hold a driving license as well. He was fined Rs 2600 and asked to be present in a Bandra court, where the 24-year-old was let off with a warning.Talking to a leading tabloid, Alok Nath has said that Shivang was lucky to be let off with just a warning and he needs to understand that he cannot simply do what he wants. Talking about how celebrities and people related to them need to be extra careful and responsible, Alok Nath said that even one wrong move by a star kid draws spotlight immediately.