Actor Alok Nath along with the two gorgeous actresses, Aarti Chhabria and Shefali Zariwala will be seen in the upcoming episode of Comedy Nights Bachao. The show will also have the ex-Bigg Boss contestants Sofia Hayat and Rakhi Sawant! Sofia, who turned into a nun, has posted a few images that were taken on the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao. What caught our attention was ‘Mother’ Sofia Hayat’s messages and the video in which she is seen dancing!

Apparently, Sofia has returned from London and will be making a comeback on the small screen with CNB. Posting a video clip, where she was seen rehearsing, Sofia wrote, “Watch me on Comedy Nights Bachao Saturday 10pm. This was a dress rehearsal.. Have to say Rakhi Savant..true sport and golden heart. Never judge a book by its cover. What a great show! I was laughing so much I had an aching jaw after!!” She posted another picture snapped with Rakhi and other actors on CNB. She wrote how she is not bothered about makeup and dresses like other actresses now. and is free from the prison of makeup and worrying about her looks! She added, “Also everyone on set were just beautiful hearts..especially one Rakhi Savant, when you watch the show you will see why. Huge heart that one.” Well, we must watch the episode to at least know, what made Sofia praise Rakhi! Coming to the other actors (guests) – the two gorgeous ladies (Aarati and Shefali) along with Alok Nath will be roasted by the hosts Bharati Singh and Karan Wahi.