Lip piercings seem like the coolest things in the world when you’re in your college years. Everyone wants to get one done. But, if you’re considering a lip piercing, you may want to think about a few things before you take the plunge. For instance, you might have to think about what lip piercing types might be suitable for you? What is a labret piercing? Where can you get your lip pierced? What are the best lip piercing ideas? Can lip piercings pose any threat to your oral health? How long does lip piercings take to heal? How to take care of a lip piercing? How important is lip piercing aftercare?

Pros And Cons Of a Lip Piercing

Thankfully for you, we are here to answer to all these questions. In this article, we will be covering all the pros and cons of a lip piercing along with everything else you need to know about lip piercing.

What are lip piercings?

A lip piercing is a type of body piercing which penetrates the lips or the skin surrounding the lips.

There are different names for different types of lip piercings. A side lip piercing placed towards the left or right side of the lip is called a labret piercing. Side lip piercing, usually refers to piercings on the lower lip, whereas lip piercings on the upper side are called Madonna or Monroe piercings.


When you think of lip piercings, you need to know that all lip piercings don’t necessarily pierce the lips themselves. Instead, they might also be placed horizontally through the skin immediately just above the upper lip or below the lower lip. There are two exceptions here, the vertical labret piercings and lowbret piercings.

i. Vertical labret piercings

These are placed vertically through your lower lip so that the top piercing ball sits centrally on top of the lower lip and the bottom piercing ball sits centrally below the lower lip.