Shah Rukh Khan’s workaholic nature makes him skip meals while working and the only beverage that keeps the superstar company is coffee. And someone who felt bad seeing him not eat food during Dear Zindagi shoot was hos co-star, Alia Bhatt.
When asked if there was any particular trait of SRK that she hated, Alia said, “There is nothing that I hate about him. But there is something that I felt bad about. He doesn’t eat at all. Let me tell you an incident. On sets it was always very quiet. No one was allowed to speak. We used to have heavy scenes and long takes and lots of dialogues and we used to run through the whole scene. Suddenly in between, I could hear a growl and I could sense that it was coming from his (SRK) stomach. Then we used to give him biscuits. He drinks a lot of coffee. I also drink coffe but I also have my food. So I used to feel bad about that and I used to tell him that he should eat.”
Talking about working with SRK, Alia said, “He is very cool. He is not strict at all. He treats everyone equally on sets. We spoke about everything. Our thoughts and behaviour are similar. The gist of our emotion is the same. The way we carry them out is different.”
Alia believes that Dear Zindagi is a very fresh and different film and the same can’t be compared with any other films of her career. “In this film, we are talking to life itself. When we talk to someone we address them as Dear so and so. Since we are talking to life, we have named the film as Dear Zindagi. I relate to a lot of situations in the film and I am sure everyone else will,” said Alia.
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The young actor also feels in life it is important to keep negative emotions at bay. “It’s not always possible to be positive but don’t be negative if you can’t be positive. Negative is not a nice emotion. I try not to be negative.”