Meet The Stylish Alia Bhatt on Elle magazine cover


Alia Bhatt24indianews2

Alia Bhatt24indianews2
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  alia-bhatt24indianews6 Alia Bhatt is featured in the December edition of Elle India magazine.Alia Bhatt’s recent photo shoot for Elle India magazine will be accompanied by a feature written by her sister Shaheen Bhatt.Alia Bhatt’s latest feature in Elle India magazine covers her journey to stardom. alia-bhatt24indianews4 The latest feature written by Alia’s sister Shaheen Bhatt will be seen in December edition of Elle India magazine along with these stunning pictures.Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt will show her magic with pen in this latest edition of Elle India magazine.Alia Bhatt featured on cover of Elle magazine's 19th anniversary edition. alia-bhatt24indianews

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