Ajay Devgn has become the first A-list star to openly confess that he won’t work with any Pakistani artiste at the moment. The actor used honest logic gave his explaination as to why he wouldn’t work with Pakistani stars.
“We all want peace, lekin taali ek haath se nehi bajti (you can’t clap with one hand). I heard some people saying talks are the only way to continue but talks have been going on. You keep talking to people and they come and kill you then you still continue your dialogue. I want to see you getting into a fight with somebody and after he gives you a tight slap on your face and you say okay let’s have a talk right now. What will your reaction be instantly?” the actor explained.
Interviewer Bhupendra Chaubey even directly asked him if he was taking a pro-BJP stance since the actor had campaigned for the political party in the past, and also his wife, Kajol Devgn have earlier praised one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project Swacch Bharat initiative. Ajay Devgn was not the only furious actor who openly expressed his opinion. On social media, an angry Akshay Kumar expressed his shock that some people are debating the ban on Pakistani artistes at a time when soldiers are being killed in terror attack. A family who has a son or father in the army, fighting in the battle field is least concerned about which Bollywood film released and whether it has Pakistani artistes, he said in a video message.