Aiysha Saagar is the Australian Pop Star sensation who creates a storm with her ability to sing in mainly Hindi, Punjabi and English, as well as her mind-blowing high-energy stage performance. This talented singer/songwriter/performer has an individual style and attitude with which she delivers and performs her music.

The diva songstress has roots in Punjab and Bengal (India), was born in the magnificient Fiji Islands, but has spent her whole life in Australia. Aiysha is a combination of beauty with brains as she holds three educational degrees in business, is the first Indian to be endorsed as the Ambassador of Australia’s Gold Coast to India and the globe, and has been the face of Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Vodafone.

After having released five music albums and many music videos, Aiysha is now making her debut in acting. She has signed an Australian film, “The Disengaged” in which she is playing the lead role and singing the title songs. She is also singing and performing the title songs in two Bollywood films and discussions are being held regarding her featuring as an actor in Bollywood films.

Aiysha sets fire to your heart and soul with her attitude and style…so watch out for this storm coming your way !