There is an airport in the world, whose runway High Tide (TIDE) is immersed in the waves every day, but every day of the flights fly regularly. Amazing place in the world, some of them who will be submerged by the high tide, but the activities are run regularly. The airport’s runway sink into the sea every day
1-seawater drowning everyday runway …
Barra Island Western Coast of Scotland is spread over 23 square miles. Here are three runways at the airport where the flight is conducted regularly, but the most important thing here is that the runway. These are filled with water during the day High Tide. Barra Airport USP of this is included in the airports of the world amazing.
During low tide, it looks 2-lingam
Stnbeshwar Mahadev Temple is located in Gujarat Kanboi poet. The Arabian Sea is located so close to the sea in the Gulf of Cambay Tide (High Tide) is immersed in water in the temple. Reflux (Low Tide) in plenty of water after landing is overflowing crowd of devotees. This temple is 150 years old.
3 sets of French Passage du Gois road every day in the waters of High Tide
France Passage du Gois name must be careful on the road. It is not only unique, but also dangerous. 2.58 miles long, this road twice every day during the high tide of 13 feet high Lhro is immersed in the sea. This road use only twice a day. The special panel installed on both sides of the road to the rescue, yet people are caught in the tide. The towers were erected, mostly elevated rescue, which they donated to the rescue climb.
4- centuries old castle is where the paths of seawater Dubata

Mont Saint Michel in France Normendi Island is a 247 acre. From ancient times, this area was part of a strategic fortification. From the 8th century it became a monastery. Uneska declared World Heritage by 600 meters long way to arrive at the castle, which is immersed in water during high tide. Every year over 30 million tourists.
5- The sea is divided into two parts, the people celebrate the festival:
Every year the sea separating the Korean peninsula on Jindo Sea Parting Festival is held, in which thousands of people converge. In the East China Sea natural three times during March-June, up to a distance of 2.9 km is divided into different parts, which make up a path. This road connects South Korea’s Jindo Island, which is near Erin modo natural phenomenon occurs three times each year, but the festival is celebrated only once.

6- Way of St Michaels Mount is immersed in the High Tide

One of Britain’s most famous places of St Michaels Mount, Cornwall, where the road has to go through to reach, which is submerged during high tide. During low tide, people can also get there by the way. Making it the 8th-11th century monastery. Then in the 12th century created Monestrik building, but in 1275, its original church major earthquake collapsed buildings. Then in the 14th century it was rebuilt.
7- The sea water is seen here beautifully looks after retiring
Negros Oriental province of the Philippines Negros Ailaँd such place, which were in the sea is covered with water during high tide. The 7 kilometer long white sand beach, which is known Manjuyod White Sand Bar. During low tide, located in Manjuyod appears. This place is situated Dumaguatt City 58.2 kms. 4 cottages, mostly built for tourists.

Emerging from the water and drowning appear 8- mounted Gudwar

Gudwar moving water along the River Thames in London on four drowned. The sculpture by the famous British artist Jason Taylor Dikeers
They are created. They are dedicated to the Thames.

The purpose of creating art from climate change
Create awareness about the threats. They are also drowning tide twice a day. In London, the people see these four horsemen
I like it.
9- The removal of seawater way it brings good luck to couples:

It is located in Angel Road Kagawa of Japan’s Sodoshima. Low Tide on the way it appears. It is 500 meters long way
Lucky for couples is considered. It is believed that this is lucky for couples to walk on. A large number of couples come here. Movies and TV drama shooting on the beach here are several.