Oh my God! It seems the Sharmas are the new go-to people for the daily dose of cuteness. Arpita Khan,sister of Salman Khan, posted a picture of her baby’s first plane selfie and it’s super-cute! The picture is from her New York travel album where they had gone for their first family vacation.We wonder how did they manage to carry such a young child in the aeroplane. We’re sure Ahil would have kept all the passengers entertained with his Khan Swag.

Mommy Arpita seems to have embraced motherhood totally. She’s always seen carrying the two-month-old in her hand. She looks beautiful with this motherly glow on her face. Salman’s darling sister seems to be going through the best phase of her life with a loving hubby and a cute son in her life. She also posted other photos of the baby and hash tagged it the best two months of her life. Aww…!

The Khans have been celebrating his birth ever since Arpita brought Ahil to this world on March 30. First came the family selfie of Khans, followed by Salman’s picture with the newly born and then Bhaijaan’s expensive gift to the baby.