North Dakota (USA): Wendy Nowak was 19. When he was raped. She became pregnant it. But instead of abortion, birth of a child, he deemed right. Their daughter. Due to the age and unable to raise his daughter Nowak handed over to the adoption center. Now, 36 years later met his daughter. Then learned that both worked together in one place. Knowing the whole story are proud daughter of Nowak. Here’s what the rape victim …
Wendy Nowak, “says 1980 when I was the victim of date rape. And I was only 19 years old. Become pregnant. But the baby was not in a condition to his upbringing. It also decided not to abortion under any circumstances is that. There are many parents who do not have children. My parents gave me a lot of love. I wanted to love my child and also they had a good life. I’m the daughter of North Dakota, which I gave to an adoption center. Her name is taken by those who adopt him and love Hethr Svensson licked. ”
Wendy says, “I did not expect that I will ever get my daughter. But last year, I thought, what if I do not want to know my daughter. I would not want to keep any relationship. I wanted to know about him. I began to look for him. 36 years later, on January 21, we met with the help of the adoption center. Then in 2004 we found out that both were working in the same department store. I was in office, and he in the cosmetic department. But the two never had more things. After meeting him, I realized that my decision was right. I have no regrets. He has a very good life. ”
Svensson after meeting his birth mother, said: “I knew I’d been adopted. Once I tried to find her biological mother, but failed. Now, when I heard his story, I was proud that my mother Nowak. She gave birth to me in what circumstances. He is great. Most people manage to make abortion in such circumstances. He gave to me for my future adoption center. And we also celebrated Mother’s Day. We live about 15 miles away. But the day to do things. “