Sharks are considered one of the world’s most dangerous organisms. The biggest animals in the water then takes the victim in the moment. People are afraid and they kill enough sharks have never shied. But they are not killed, the Brazilian recently made a TV actress photoshoot with the sharks. Who is the actress
Brazil’s 33-year-old TV actress Kareena Oliani said, was to make people aware of our purpose in this photoshoot. Indeed, sharks are killing people unnecessarily, making their number is decreasing. However, these sharks do not attack anyone without danger. Through this photoshoot I’ve tried to tell people.

Please tell Bahamas Shark Sanctuary Kareena made to the photoshoot. During this time he went to neither barrier nor the use of breathing equipment. Stuart Cove diverse and well-known in this photoshoot accompanied by Liz Parkinson. However, 20 years of professional diving during the Kareena wore designer dresses.