Actor Ssharad Malhotraa who is basking in the glory of hit show ‘Kasam Tere Pyar Ki’ is all set for his film 1:13:7 – Ek Tera Saath release which is scheduled for 21st October. The actor along with his co-star Melanie Nazareth and director Arshad Siddiqui were recently spotted making jalebis at a popular barbeque junction in Mumbai. Well, this is how the team has started promoting their film.
In an interview with, Ssharad Malhotra said, “I have never promoted any kind of project in such a unique way. All thanks to my director who came up with such a beautiful idea of promoting our film. We have made these jalebis with lots of love and through this activity; we want to convey to our fans that we have made this movie in a similar way. For us, our film is like a jalebi which we want to serve to our fans. This is the best way I could promote my film.”
The actor further added, “I am from Kolkata. In Kolkata sweets are a must have. I am game for new things. Making Jalebi’s was an interesting experience. I am usually diet conscious but sometimes I do splurge on sweets. I do have a sweet tooth (laughs).”
Apart from making jalebis, the team members were also spotted making pastas and kababs at the barbeque centre.