Activated charcoal is not what’s used for grilling’though it is a medical grade version of what’s used in air filtration systems. Activated charcoal is administered in hospitals as emergency treatment for poisoning; as chemicals bind to it, it can help remove them from the body.  These days, people are using food grade activated charcoal internally to detox, in supplements and juices; it’s even being used to whiten teeth. What does this have to do with glowing skin and deep cleaned hair? Read on and find out.

1. Flawless Skin

There are many cosmetics which use charcoal as its main ingredient and I’m sure you never gave a thought to this. Think this time and find out the reasons what has charcoal to do with makeup products? Well, charcoal definitely has some amazing capabilities than rest other ingredient .It has 200-300 times more ability to control oil on your face and remove the impurities built on your inner skin. It proves its effectiveness in removing the dead cell as well .Though the ingredient is black in its own colour; it benefits you with a flawless and clean skin.

. Treats Oily Skin

Many of us are really tired of treating oily skin and they get worst in the summer season. When the oil content increases in body, our body starts releases oil even on the face. Using charcoal based product will be beneficial on your side because when this black powder comes in contact with the skin and oil, it vacuums out the dirt along with the extra oil on your face. This gives you an oil free look and also doesn’t leave your skin with unwanted shine and oil on the face

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3. Shrinks The Size Of Pores

If you are among those who keep themselves busy travelling from one point to other, there are more chances of dirt to settle in your skin which results in increased pore size. There comes a point when pores can be clearly visible on your face , which is surely not desired by any one of us. Charcoal helps to reduce the size of the pores and also closes them well. There are many soaps available in the market with charcoal extracts in it which helps to treat clogged pores and also shrink its size.

4. Treats Acne

There is a long list of home-made remedies and ingredients which treat acne on your face, but have you ever spot charcoal there? Recent study has mentioned charcoal is the leading product to be used in acne control face washes and creams around the Globe. Charcoal not only removes the toxins from your body, but also removes the impurities from your face. This results in controlling acne and also clears the facial marks left behind.

5. Clears The Blemishes On Your Skin

We people live in a busy country with polluted environment everywhere and it takes effort to achieve flawless skin with no acne and blemishes left behind. I personally think the more we use chemical based product the more it affects adversely on the skin so try to use product with natural ingredients, and one such example is charcoal off course. You can continue charcoal contained face wash for a month to see the amazing results.

6. Reduces Pre-Mature Ageing

Suggestion from my side, when you discuss the topic with your close knits you will soon realise this is the common topics discussed with many of the ladies around and you are one among them. Ladies around their early 25’s look very close to 30’s and ladies with their 30’s start looking old horribly. You can reduce the premature ageing with using charcoal based soaps, face washes or facemask as it an anti-ageing ingredient too. Charcoal helps to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines which make your face look dull and old.

7. Skin Tightening And Firming

Loose skin is a symptom when your skin starts looking old and it is very important to take the necessary steps early as possible. Your lower chin and cheeks appears to be loose and seems to have filled with wrinkles and fine lines on them which don’t look good at all. To get rid of this problem, I would say charcoal is the only ingredient which helps in skin firming and tightening with a good rate of speed.


8. Suitable For All Type Of Skin

Type of skin matter a lot, when you count on your vanity products. Many a times, I like a particular product but pull back my hands just because it does not support my skin type. This is not the case with charcoal based product and it suitable for all type of skin, it nourishes and moisturises the dry skin well whereas in the case of skin it pulls out the dirt along with extra oil present on the face.

Redness, inflammation and facial allergies count on people with sensitive skin. As charcoal is used widely in making medicines which also make it suitable to cure any redness or skin allergies on your face.

I hope you all found the post useful adding to this, I would like to attach some details about beauty products with charcoal as its main ingredient. The products mentioned below have gained applause in cosmetic industry with amazing and defining benefits over skin. You can order them online if you don’t find in nearby stores.

  • Lush dark angel facial cleanser
  • Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub
  • Origins Clear improvement active charcoal mask to clear pores
  • Biore free your pores deep cleansing charcoal pores strips
  • Freeman’s Beautiful polishing mask with charcoal and black sugar
  • Soulflower charcoal you smell good
  • Bamboo charcoal soap all Natural
  • Sara cosmetics charcoal baseline facial cream
  • Jojoba charcoal facial scrub
  • Fabindia charcoal face pack
  • Vedic line charcoal acne control cream with tee tree oil