Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that Benazir Bhutto had a political vision and character that she laid the foundation of political reconciliation in the country just to architect new political working relationship with her opponents.

The Sindh CM said, “It was not a mere reconciliation among different political forces, particularly the PML-N but it was her commitment to bury the past hatreds developed when the Pakistan Muslim Nawaz (PML-N) leadership during their tenure of government had implicated her entire family, the mother, husband and her close aides, in concocted cases. It seems that the old hatred is still alive in the hearts and minds of PML-N leadership which is very much visible from their statements.”

In a statement issued by the CM House, it was said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is still orchestrating the old song of Swiss banks and SGS cases.

He said, “The SGS was one of the cases that you had framed just to malign PPP leadership and what happened with it as it bounced back and hit hard on your heads.”

The Sindh CM recalled that a tap in which conversation between the then Ehtsab Bench judge of Lahore High Court (LHC), justice (r) Qayyum and your infamous Ehtsab Rehman, Saif Rehman, were heard discussing the quantum of sentence to be awarded to Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari, was leaked. “As a result, Justice Qayyum on the orders of Supreme Court had to resign as judge of Lahore High Court but you had no moral courage to step down from politics”, he said.

Qaim said that how had you framed this fictitious case and had bribed the then Ehtsab Bench headed by justice (r) Qayyum and another ad hoc judge of LHC is still alive in the memory of people of Pakistan.

“Everyone knows that the seat vacated by Nawaz Sharif was given to the brother of Malik Qayyum and he was given various other benefits aswell. The ad hoc judge was made permanent just after the bench had convicted Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari in a biased decision. But the seven-member bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice Bashir Jahangiri shattered all your dreams by setting aside the judgment while deciding the appeal,” he said.

The Swiss case was also made just to malign and sideline the PPP leadership, he added. Qaim said, “You wanted to be the undisputed kings of the country and what happened with the Swiss case adding that your handpicked judge Malik Qayyum in the capacity of attorney general of Pakistan through a letter to Swiss authorities, which had withdrawn the case.”

He said the PML-N government had framed so many false and fictitious cases against Benazir Bhutto and also implicated her husband Asif Ali Zaradri.

Zardari suffered 11 years in jails and Benazir Bhutto kept running from pillar to post to defend the cases in different courts located in different cities”, he lamented

“This was the greatness of Benazir Bhutto that she forgot your each and every high handedness and sat with you and signed with you the charter of democracy”, Qaim Ali Shah said.

He said, “Benazir Bhutto launched politics of reconciliation and paved way for your return from exile to participate in national politics. It was her contribution, struggle and sacrifice that you are in power today and enjoying the fruits of her political maturity and farsightedness.”

The Sindh CM further said that Asif Ali Zardari following the footprints and policies of Benazir Bhutto adopted the politics of reconciliation and forgiveness. “He did not make you target for snatching 11 years of his young life which he had suffered behind the bars because of your conspiracies and the fabricated cases you had framed against him, but he developed more cordial and working relationship with you. He allowed you to form government in Punjab and formed coalition government with you in the centre,” he recalled. “Forgetting all the good will gestures and genuine support to revive you in politics, Shahbaz Sharif started using foul language against him”, he added.

He further said that what has gone wrong if PPP asked you to be accountable and show the financial sources of the property and business you have established abroad. The CM said, “You always made PPP leadership accountable and forced them to face fake cases and now when PPP asks you to respond to Panama leaks, you have gone crazy which is not fair.”