Absence Epilepsy — a disorder in which epilepsy syndrome with absence seizures begins in young children — has risen 8 per cent in recent years, say doctors.

According to them, the disorder accounts for 4 out of 50 people with epilepsy and is curable as most of the children suffering from the disease respond to treatment.

“During Absence Epilepsy, the child will appear temporarily absent from their body. Seizures are usually staring spells during which the child is not aware or responsive. Each seizure lasts 10 to 20 seconds and ends abruptly. Two out of three children with childhood absence seizures respond to treatment. A child may have one or many (up to 100) absence seizures a day,” said K.K. Gupta, Senior Paediatrician from the city’s Saroj Super Speciality Hospital.

Gupta said absent mindedness was one of the most common cause for absence epilepsy.