Supporters of Surja Singh Chhotepur demanded him to be reinstated.
A scuffle was witnessed outside the zonal office of AAP in Amritsar Tuesday where supporters of former state convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur, including AAP zone in-charge Gurinder Singh Bajwa, were protesting.
Supporters of Chhotepur demanded Chhotepur be reinstate.
Meanwhile, AAP volunteer Adil Mahajan, a supporter of Arvind Kejriwal, came there and started talking to media. He gave statements against Chhotepur, angering the latter’s supporters, some of whom manhandled Mahajan. The scuffle didn’t last long and mediators diffused the situation.The building of the zonal office of the party is owned by Sarabjit Singh Ghumtala who was also present along with Chhotepur at a press conference held in Chandigarh last week.
“Chhotepur is coming to pay obeisance at Golden Temple on September 3. We have given ultimatum to the party to resolve the issue by September 1. The Delhi leadership should be immediately packed off from Punjab and Punjabis should be given the charge of party. Chhotepur should be reinstated to his post immediately,” said Bajwa.