The 9/11 attack was happening, but people were enjoying

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9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in the US was, then, a German photographer clicks a photograph, which he had not published up to 5 years. The photo was sitting at some distance from the event of attack. Smoke rises from the burning building in the photo is clearly visible. But the people at all “to ease the exchange of gossip” are visible. Thomas Hoapakr photographs published on this in 2006, after it was over. What people see in the photo …
After seeing the photos, many years later that the US has not developed as a nation. Because what is happening in other places, it does not matter to some people. However, in its defense of the people in the photo without telling them that these photographs were clicked. They said they were aware of the incident and the incident was quite shocked. He said the photographer had misrepresented his position.

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