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Ujumlu (Turkey) Kmahila empowerment What greater example is that men had to perform against them. The youth of the village, a group of women that he is performing against their love and marriage proposals have been rejected. 9 years in the village is not married …
Ujumlu last wedding in the village, about 9 years ago and since then the village’s population has fallen from 400 to 233. The Mayor Mustafa Beshbiln explains most of the girls want to go out of the village to the city. For this reason they refused the proposals of the youth. We have been living here for years, and most people work here does not think so no going out.
The village does not have enough money, so women are not as better than living, all these reasons are not getting married in the same village. The group says it is protesting that the government should intervene, because if the girls refuse to continue their village will end slowly.