The festival season is just around the corner and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. During this time, we do not want to miss a chance of celebrating with them. And a significant aspect of this
celebration is entertaining and hosting parties at home. While this task may seem daunting, there is always a solution from the very best.
Center piece to attract attention
For a look that’s clearly fabulous, there’s nothing like a centerpiece of fresh flowers grouped together in similar colours, but make sure it isn’t too tall (10”-12” is an acceptable maximum height). One can even place a decorative fruit boat
with some greens and succulents thrown in.
Light, lights the mood
A thin mirror cutout in the center of the table as a base for candles and crystal T-lights is the most attractive and sure shot way to add instant light and dimension to any space.
Spacing is important
There should be a minimum of 15” distance between two placemats for an adequate elbow room.
Indians usually eat with their right hand, so set the water glass to the left of each place setting.
Unique flower setting
Break away from the usual mix of orange and yellow marigolds. If you planning a Diwali lunch use a vibrant mix of pink bougainvillea flowers, floral organza runner, lavender scented candles and Mogras.
Add contrasting elements
Don’t kill yourself on trying to match all the tableware. Juxtapose a few pieces which are different from each other but yet go beautifully like rose gold, matte silver and brass for your cutlery with your white and gold bone