In the world there are many strange customs, which is hard to believe. Such rituals associated with the birth of children often get to hear about. The kids did not even touch the ground, so the cake is placed somewhere on their forehead. However, pregnant women in China face many restrictions. So today we bring you some strange facts about birth are going to tell. Children in these countries, including India, women eat placenta …
China, Jamaica and some backward areas of India, shortly after the birth of children a woman has to eat her placenta. It is said that the birth mother to the children to get all the nutrients. However, some people believe that children would benefit. However, scientists believe it is wrong. Adding that there are several types infection.
Women give birth to children in Pakistan from home
Klash tribe in Pakistan’s mothers give birth to children away from their home and family. People that are unclean women during childbirth. For this reason, they are sent away to another house, which is called Bsleni.
Spitting in the faces of children and ears
Often seeing little kids and feeding them is a temptation to adopt, but you know that in some parts of the world also has a tradition after birth babies spit up? As a reminder, if you do not know is done with children in Nigeria and Mauritania. After childbirth, people spit on her finger and put the finger in his mouth. However, some places women in their ears so men spit on the faces of children.
Balinij children can not touch the ground
Indonesia’s Bali island living Balinij believe that their children’s cord is not less than a messiah. For this reason, they are buried in the cemetery of the placenta. Also 3 months after birth, the child would touch the ground. Three months later, a ceremony is held to the children touch the ground.
Gussane laughable ban on pregnant woman
China has banned the pregnant woman laughing and Gussane. The Chinese believe that it has adverse effects on the baby’s health. However, keep in mind not to think anything is wrong. Also, pregnant women are allowed to eat light colored food. They enter the house after the wedding is to be applied as well. Also pregnant women to sleep with a knife under his bed during sleep is.
Children in the icy water Nhlate
Children in Guatemala to protect them from the heat and stains are washed with ice water. Mayan mothers with their children do this. She also learned that children are sleeping right.
Children racing
Racing is held in Lithuania children. The children start fighting with each other. However, his parents took him to toy called.
Does not have any children with birth
When the woman gives birth to a child in Nigeria, there is no one in that time with him. People need all the stuff come out of her room and brought it home. However, the tradition has fallen backward areas of Nigeria. Several institutions have also offered to help people during the period.
Children are at the frontal Wedding Cake
After the birth of her first child in Ireland frontal (Forhed) cutting the wedding cake tradition. It is believed that it is better for the child’s future.