1. Veronica (Cocktail)

Veronica from cocktail is a real character. Most of us will be blabbering about her open-mindedness but she is real and she is what many women are. And there is nothing wrong with it! She parties, wears western clothes & lives with her boyfriend, her character is free-spirited and yet detached. In SRK’s words, She is demotional!



2. Janki (Lajja)

A fierce, truthful & real character, Janki unlike other women chooses not to prove her character or worth when her partner asks her to do it just because of few misunderstandings.

3. Sonia (Aitraaz)

Okay, we agree that Sonia’s character wasn’t morally right (The way she lured akshay and molested him) But her character was way ahead of time and her boldness was definitely a path-breaking thing!


4. Rani (Queen)

When her fiancé leaves her just a day before her wedding, she cries. She loses it but then she gets up and goes on a trip of a lifetime. She makes friends, she sings, she dances still preserving her innocence. Her character proves you don’t need to get laid to get over someone. You just need to be yourself. She makes you feel that self-worth is the biggest thing in the whole wide world and that no man can make you feel inferior if you don’t want to.

5. Amber (Salaam Namastey)

A confident & chilled out Amber decides to take responsibility of her baby and herself alone when the father of the child (saif) denies doing the same. She is the ultimate example of a modern age woman who is not scared of being alone and is sorted in her head.


6. Meera (Dor)

Meera’s character is a muse. While her agony will make you feel bad for her, her courage will only strengthen the thought that no matter where you come from, being free is a state of mind. Living in a small village of Rajasthan, no one would have imagined a character like her who is so forgiving, understanding and liberating.

7. Pooja (Arth)

Pooja was a path-breaking character in Bollywood as she denied taking monetary help from her husband who cheated on her. She is courageous and strong. She gets a job & adopts a girl child. And she does NOT goes back to her cheater husband when he comes back to her.


8. Meera (NH10)

Meera’s character in NH10 was as fiery as a volcano. She takes revenge of her husband’s death and gets on a road to redemption after she gets abused, bruised and man handled by some local goons of UP for interfering in their personal matter. The film is based on ‘honor killing’ and Gundaraj & Meera’s character is simple commendable.

9. Laila (ZNMD)

Laila will change your life, if you are the one who is scared of taking risks in life. She makes you question your entire existence.